Sunday, February 2, 2014


Okay, this is what i wore for CNY.

After lunch with big fam at PIK, me and sist went to Gandaria City because we wanna go to Localfest. Localfest is a bazzar when you can find good and high quality local brand, selling their products. I loooove localbrand. But It's so crowded. And finally after seeing some booth and bought some stuffs, me and my sist decided to go to ground floor, to search dinner. Oh ya, i need to telling you all that i have phobia of escalator and height, so it's a MUST using the lift. When we're in the lift, the lift was soo full, but it's okay for me and sist to go in. Then we're on the Ground Floor and my sist told me the restaurant she wanted is on this floor. So after found the restaurant, sit and ordered some food, i wanna call my mom. But i couldn't find my iphone in my bag. Panic and shock attacked me, and after ate our dinner, we went to Localfest again, to ask and search my iphone, but there's no sign at all. Then me and my sist went home. We're sure that my phone taken by someone in lift. hufff i'm so sad now, all data is on my phone, my customer's adress, orders, numbers are there toooo T.T Please be careful guys, many people using negative ways to earn money T.T