Saturday, August 4, 2012

#TIMDlive concert 03/08/12

heyyyyyyyy everyone!
today i will sharing my experience about His concert, This Is My Destiny Concert:)) 
 the golden tickets.

 got this cute keychain, thank u HOTK youth! thank u God:D
Heidi Awuy with her harp:))
Delon with his great voice <3<3
The concert was so amaziiiiiiiiiiiiiing:)) we were very cheerful to worship Him:)) i feel blessed, cause i got the perfect seat yesterday:D<3 Delon idol and Heidi Awuy participating with they great talent, too<3 i've been sick since wednesday(01/08/12) but with God, all things are possible. He eliminated all my doubt and worries about that. thank God:D
This is where i belong, this is my DESTINY.:)) 
this picture(s) are taken by me, at Nafiri Confetion Hall, Central Park. 

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