Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Autumn Wipe Out!

Yeayyyyyyyyyyyyy! finally, autumn is coming, and #autumnwipeout is going to held soon!

mark your time, Saturday, 22 December 2012 at Ninotchka:)) 

there will be garage sale and the items are all amazing(and cheap too).
you can eat the 'goodfoods' while you are see the garage items(lava cake, chiken cordon bleu, macaroons are so recommended) the taste are sooooo great and you gonna love the decorations inside the cafe. 
Sonia Eryka(as the owner) also invite another bloggers to sell their own second items too:))
make sure to noted the date and don't get lost(the streets are a little bit tricky)
ohya, their also give you free ginger bread cookies for this month(it's because christmas!)

ninotchka featured on femina magazine

for more info;
instagram: @ninotchka_jkt
or mention 
twitter: @ninotchka_jkt

and click to see Sonia Eryka's( the owner of Ninotchka) blog: 

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