Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014 resolutions.

resolusi 2014? duh, terlalu pasaran kan yah? tapi siapa sih yang gk pengen punya keinginan dan harapan di tahun baru ini?:p 

kurang lebih 4 bulan lagi gue lulus, duhhh seneng bangett deh bisa cepet2 keluar dari sekolah. hehehe walaupun orang tua gue bilang masa SMA itu masa paling indah. yap, it's. i met new people, having good friendship with my girls, and having ups-and downs with my grades.

oke. gue msh single. and it's kinda sad. ketika sahabat-sahabat lu ber-sayang sayang sama pacarnya, duhh, nyesek banget! tapi, yasudah lah, i belive in the end, everything gonna be alright. everything.

here are my ootd! feeling girly hahaha

Indescribable Shop Necklace
Instagram: @indescribableshop
New Look Lacey Blouse
Plopherz Floral Skirt
ZARA heels


 greedy sassy rings, can't get enough because they're tooo cute!



  1. Lovely outfit, dear
    I always wonder to have some kind of skirt like that :D
    Anyway, Would you like to follow each other? Let me know, I'll follow back immediatelly ;)) Keep in touch! ;))


  2. Pretty outfit! Your skirt is lovely. <3

    If you're interested to follow each other, please do drop by on my blog. ^_^