Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sonia Eryka's birthday present!:D

hello everyoneeeeeee!
happy holiday for those people who's (finally) finished ur exam test, just say hurayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy:D:D
i pretty sure for you guys don't wanna waste ur holiday with useless activity, right?
sooooooooooo, jerengjengjengjenggg...
you guys know sonia eryka moe? yes, she is one of indonesia's talented blogger and tommorow's her birthday.
the suprise part is; she and Ariamall gonna celebrate it together and they're gonna have a very fun giveaway relating her birthday tommorow!:))
why it called 'fun giveaway?' yes, it because you guys are gonna have FUN and EASY way for winning that birthday giveaway, huray:D
you just need to surf then pick the best present that u think will suits her perfectly:D
After you chose what you think the best for Sonia's birthday present, what u need to do is:
1. Twitpic the product and tweet "I choose *product name* from @ARIAMALLINDO for your birthday present, @SoniaEryka! #SoniaBdayPresent"
2. Upload the product on your Facebook with the same format above
3. Leave a comment her post, example:

Name: Sonia Eryka
I choose Pine Skirt to be your birthday present! Because ...................

she'll pick 3 winners, 1 for the best present that you choose, 2 for the highest number of ur tweets.
the highest votes of present that u choose gonna be her birthday present, and she'll send you(giveaway winners) the dress from Ariamall , and she'll pick the winners on 22th june 2012. No need to type multiple entries on her post, just tweet as much as u can:) easy, right?:D

psstt, u guys are challenging me too:D:D
more info please go to sonia's blog:

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  1. nice!

    p.s. I'm having a giveaway from Dahlia if you'd like to check it out. xx