Wednesday, May 30, 2012

little thing called dreams.

hello, maybe this is my last post until 2weeks. yah, it's 2 days before until the finale exams.
i'll trying my best from now, and.. i'm frustated. but overall, my weakness is on maths. Yes, maths is sucks. i don't understand why we must keep trying to find x, anywhere. and it's killing me slowly.
forget about that sucks for a while. let's we talkin' about my new  item<3 
yes, it's a dream catcher. you know, dream catcher is help yourself to get over from bad dreams. just only take this dream catcher around your bad, and say hello to good dreams!
i bought it at Puri Indah Mall yesterday and it's only 50k. i love the unique design of this dream catcher, and the colours too.
Honestly, i don't hope anything too much. i don't really believe anything about myths. just a little.


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