Monday, May 28, 2012


hege-logo! yes it mean hello!:))
it's been sooooo long from my last post(february). lately, i'm just busy with all my activities, and (of course)still trying to make a novel. But from today i will continue-ing my novel project with my super cute partner(and my bestfriend too), Patricia Yessi. Fyi, Yessi is a super adorable, cute, smart and talented person at writing and public relation. She is my debate partner too!:)) [you can imagine how smart is she] yesss, we gonna make a duetto novel!:D and i'm still trying to make a cover with my guitar and make-up tutorial video(never give upppp!>.<), preparing for my mid-test(1june until 7june), wish me luckkkk!<3 uhmm.. Anw,yesterday, me and my sister was planned about doing english lesson together(yeah, i know my english accent was soooo bad:() last but not least, my bestfriend Fransiskus Ipen, winning a door prize from my school anniversary party and it's IPAD 2! hurayyyyyyyyy:D yeah, i know ipen didn't hope too much before(a little bit negative thinking about this party and of course the door prize), but amazingly he's winning a door prize. I'm soooooooooooooo happy, and i think ipen too.
Ipen is a super talented boy especially at drawing and writing. here is one of ipen's creation.
cute eh?:p visit ipen's deviantArt: enjoy!
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