Monday, May 28, 2012

forever young

friendship isn't one big thing. it's a million little things
22/03/12 i'm turned sixteen and that day is my unforgettable moments from my entire life
my birthday-rainbow cake<3
my girls<3
actually, i have a photo with my boy-friends too. But i can't upload cause' the brightness of that picture is very bad.
Selvi, Stella, Sheila, Tasia, Sidney, Yessi, Iren, Ipen, Julia, Nia, Cheryl, Grace, Icel, Leon, Chandra, Windy, Vinsen, Marsya, Rere. 
i love you guys. as a family.
thankyou! friendship never ends!<3
all photos is taken by Agustina Selviana. She's young, pretty and super talented photographer.
check her picture out:

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